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About Us


VanStory Investigations LLC, is a licensed investigation company.

We have been serving the needs of individuals throughout the state of Tennessee since 2006. Our solutions often involve delicate personal matters that require discretion and absolute confidentiality. Perhaps you have never contacted a private investigator before. You are not alone. Well over 80% of individuals that call us have never engaged the services of an investigator before.


Whether you are suspicious of a cheating spouse or significant other, or if you need to know about someone’s background or assets, or if you are trying to locate someone, we have the tools to get the job done. No matter what your needs are, we have the experience, skills and resources to solve your problem. Our attention to detail and our commitment to obtaining positive professional results on each case differentiate us from other private investigators. Helping you is what we do.


We offer a wide variety of professional investigating services which include surveillance, background checks, locating missing persons, financial investigations, service of legal process, family law, and social media investigations. We are ready to help you get the answers to your questions.



We have the latest technology, taking full advantage of the science of data fusion. Through the integration of multiple investigative sources, data fusion brings even deeper results for the challenges our clients face, including:

  • Skip tracing 

  • Identity authentication

  • Asset recovery

  • Background checks

  • Latest Criminal data

  • Much more to offer


  • Find and identify people and businesses

  • Locate assets, such as vehicles and properties

  • Uncover patterns of behavior

  • Investigate deeper and solve cases faster

  • Reveal new information on cases

  • Quickly identify connections between relatives and associates

Witness Locating
Witness Locating:

Depending on the complexity and the intensity of your case, VanStory investigative services will employ suitable usage of advanced technology systems, field work and online investigation to produce your desired results. Our Locate Service offers different levels, appropriately selected to suit your particular case for optimal results while adhering to your budget.

Difficult Service of Process:

Attorneys that know best use VanStory Investigations services. The Sheriff's Department process service is not always able to get the job done. They are, of course, focused on a much larger set of objectives. Hire an expert process server near you to tackle difficult or evasive process service and get it done right the first time. This may cost you a bit more, but “expensive” is having to use multiple companies before coming to us. We know what we're doing and that saves everyone time, money and possible future frustrations. Our process is simple: We double-check and attempt to confirm all info through various information sources when we start. We then get on location and run even more information to further support that your subject is home! At this point, it's up to the Investigator in the field to make the necessary decisions to get your subject served.


Our team of professional, authorized Private Investigators are willing and able to collect records from the court, assisting in streamlining and simplifying your case’s progress. With various factors influencing the expeditiousness of our services such as cost and turn-around time, the speed and cost of these services will inevitably vary. Also, certain processes do carry some restrictions. Due to various legal and timeframe roadblocks, we cannot accommodate the retrieval of birth or death certificates.

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