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Court Letter - Process Server

Process Service is one of our specialties

VanStory Investigations LLC provides the best service available with excellent customer relations.


Our services include but are not limited to:


  • Process Service

  • Skip Tracing

  • Citation, Summons, Complaint, Notice & Subpoena

  • Citation & Notice

  • TRO & Notice

  • TPO & Notice

  • Process Service - Rush

  • Additional filing & return copy the file the stamped officer’s return.

Please use this email to send documents:

Who and what are Process Servers?

They are your in-the-field partners who deliver legal documents to named clients or defendants in legal proceedings. This includes court summons, subpoenas, complaints, private lawsuits and other court dealings. We are responsible for delivering the documents while abiding by the state and federal laws. Process Servers are an important part of the judicial process. We deliver legal documents to people involved in a trial. Sometimes, the first time a defendant hears about the court case is when they are served with the documents. Each state has its own laws and rules for how this process is completed. Our servers are up to date on all the legal requirements in the state of Tennessee. Our servers are trained, diligent and responsible.

Lisa VanStory

      "Hi - My name is Lisa VanStory.

I have been serving papers for over 16 years from attorneys all over the country to individuals in the Tennessee area. Although I am licensed throughout the state of Tennessee, the business focuses strongly on the lawyers in the Wilson County area. Wilson County is where I started my service and Investigations. I built my reputation on trust, dependability, dignity and hard work. As a process server, there is one thing that I value: Building relationships with my Clients. So, should you find that you need a Process Server, give us a try. We always welcome another happy Client. "

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